Criminal Tax


    Especially in the current economic climate taxing authorities have become very aggressive in their collection practices. These practices can have civil and criminal consequences for the taxpayer. If you have been experiencing problems in this area you may need legal assistance.

    The New York State sales and use tax laws are confusing and frequently misunderstood, but failure to comply with their complex rules can lead to unpleasant consequences including assessments, interest and penalties as well as criminal prosecutions. Moreover, the owners, principals and corporate officers may be held personally liable for the taxes, interest and penalties as well as alleged conduct.

    Usually the taxing authority begins the process with an audit of the taxpayer�s records, but they also use other tools such as examining customers and suppliers records, making undercover transactions which are followed up by the execution of a criminal search warrant and the seizure of books and records.  Their goal is to maximize any tax assessment and the collection of funds. Any criminal liability for the taxpayer becomes collateral damage.  They are unlikely to just go away.

    This being the case, it is a wise decision to involve an experienced criminal tax attorney, such as Criminal Tax Defense Attorney Irwin Klein, as early in the process as possible.  Mr. Klein will assess the situation, run interference with and negotiate with the taxing authority, attempt to deflect or eliminate criminal liability and minimize any financial repercussions.

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